November 20, 2015

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Chris Temple & Zach Ingrasci

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Our directors and protagonists of Salam Neighbor will bring this issue alive through a multi-media presentation tailored to your audience’s needs. They have given speeches at the United Nations, TEDx Buenos Aires, and over 50 universities, high schools, and conferences. Real Leaders Magazine recognized Chris and Zach alongside Angelina Jolie, and Bill Gates as two of the top 100 Visionary Leaders of 2015. Read more here.

Mohab Khattab

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Our Egyptian-Saudi producer grew up in an American oil town in the Saudi Arabian desert. After going to prep school and earning BA, MBA, JD and LLM degrees in America, this Red Sox and Steelers fan worked as an investment professional, attorney and entrepreneur in both the US and Middle East. With an appreciation and love for both regions, he co-founded 1001 MEDIA to mine the power of film to share human stories of the Arab world and initiate a more positive dialogue between the Middle East and the West. Read more here.


Salam Darwaza



Our Palestinian American producer raised with one foot in the Arab world and one in the West, has a passion for storytelling through film and a unique ability to connect two sides of what may be the world’s widest cultural gap. Her life experience as the daughter of refugees and someone who was raised in host countries, was an inspiration point for the film, allowing her to lend a voice of Arab authenticity and speak from a personal perspective on the current refugee crisis. Read more here.