May 7, 2015

Fund Rosa’s Education

Living on One has partnered with Mayan Families, a Guatemala based US registered 501(c)(3), to manage Rosa’s scholarship.

To fund higher education for Rosa and girls just like here, follow these steps:

 Breakdown of Rosa’s Education Expenses:
  • 5 Years of Nursing School Tuition $6,250 (1 years completed! – tuition subject to increases)
  • 5 Years of Extra School Fees (Uniform, Books etc.) $4,250 (subject to increases)
  • One Year Nursing Internship $4,475 (completed!)
  • Laptop $800 (purchased!)

Rosa is fully funded and with additional money raised, we have created the Rosa Scholarship Fund to help Mayan women just like her go to college. The more we raise, the more women we can send to school!

Thank you for your generosity!!