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See Our New Film

We have a new film, Salam Neighbor, that follows our journey as we are registered and given a tent inside of a Syrian refugee camp. It’s available globally on Netflix!

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Living on One has partnered with Where There Be Dragons – a travel program promoting cross-cultural education, self exploration and global citizenship. Every trip is authentic and rugged, and exposes the beautiful and complex realities of the countries you’ll explore.

Take a chance and travel to the distant edges of the Peruvian Amazon, explore the rural cultures of China, or study language in the Nepali Himalayas!

Become a Global Volunteer

The GVN Network

Travel and live with communities abroad to not only learn valuable skills but to help make a lasting difference. Nothing is more powerful than the shared sense of purpose that’s created by host communities and volunteers.



Learn how to start a microfinance program in your local community to directly impact the lives of others while learning valuable skills for entrepreneurship.

Find an Internship


Get your hands dirty and learn what microfinance is really about. CGAP’s Microfinance Gateway has the largest network of MFIs in the world looking to hire interns and young professionals.

Join a Microfinance Brigade

Join one of our university chapters to travel abroad, help facilitate loans, and gain first hand experience shadowing microfinance technicians working in partner communities. Changing Lives : Life Changing

Become a Social Innovator

ThinkImpact Institutes are about more than sight seeing or feeling like you are making a difference. They are about leadership and social innovation. They offer self-starters an unforgettable learning process. College students can participate in programs in Latin America and Africa that will forever inspire new thinking on what’s possible.

Use Digital Storytelling

MatadorU is an online education community with courses in travel writing, photography, and film. Since launching in 2009, thousands of students have graduated from its programs. Join this vibrant network of travel media creators winning awards, landing media jobs, and getting paid assignments around the world.