February 7, 2014

Mischief Gone Wrong: Sorry, Grandma!

All we can hear is Ibraheem’s laughter outside the tent. I’ve never heard anything quite like it. Here’s a 5 second sample…

The story that prompted the laughter is even funnier. Our 15-year-old neighbor Mohammad had identified a problem in the camp: there was not a toilet close enough to his neighborhood. So he gathered a few compadres and they set off at night to remedy this serious oversight in urban planning. Arriving at the porta-potty in the neighborhood over, they all crouched down, grabbed hold of the bottom of the porta-potty and, in one swift movement, lifted the plastic container clear from the ground.

The resulting noise was louder than Ibraheem’s laugh and came from a shocked grandmother caught inside the wrong place at the wrong time. Mohammad and company bolted from the scene and, like all kids, thought they got away with it until Mohammad woke up to a “disappointed” mom the next day.

Thankfully, no little old ladies sustained any injuries in the process 🙂