March 9, 2018

First Ever Preschool Opens in Peña Blanca!

This type of impact is why we make films. Through Living On One Dollar and Rosa – These Storms, we’ve had the privilege of getting to know the wonderful people of Peña Blanca like Anthony, Chino and Rosa. We’ve grown to love the entire community and have been able to give back in many exciting ways.  With your support, we’ve funded a scholarship for young women to attend university, hundreds of micro-finance loans, clean water infrastructure, and new classrooms.

Last month, we put the finishing touches on our biggest project yet: building Peña Blanca’s first ever preschool with our partner, Mayan Families. Now, we are happy to tell you that because of your generosity and donations, the preschool is officially open to 64 little learners!

Students will develop their critical thinking skills, socialize with peers, and learn Spanish – which will be essential for continuing their education. Each student will also receive nutritional benefits, including a full lunch and daily snack, vitamins and regular anti-parasite treatments. Take it from Chris, getting rid of parasites is a HUGE benefit.

And for just $1 a day ($360/year), you can help ensure these that these children continue to have all the resources they need by sponsoring a student for the year.

______   _____

Since announcing the preschool opening, 48 preschoolers have already been sponsored! Help us reach our goal of covering the educational costs of all students by clicking the link above.

Your donation will cover essential educational costs, such as:

  • Cost of enrollment fees, requisite school materials, supplies and uniforms
  • Regular monitoring of school work and progress by a Mayan Families Social Worker
  • Access to the Charlie Gomez Medical Clinic

By sponsoring a student, you’ll get a number of benefits, too! These include:

  • Letters from the student
  • Updates on their progress in school and report cards
  • An invitation to travel to Guatemala, see the school and meet your sponsored student


The preschool is transformative for both the kids and their families. It has provided 11 jobs for our neighbors in Peña Blanca. They built the center and will now run it! The school will also serve as a center where we will pilot new capacity building programs – it will also be used as a community meeting space.  Finally, having a safe place for their little tots allows parents more flexibility with work. Moms and Dads rejoice!!   

We have used your contributions to make important, long-lasting change. The opening of this preschool is just the latest amazing impact that fans and friends of Living on One have had on Peña Blanca.

“Thank You” does not begin to describe the gratitude that all of us here at Living On One feel for your support.  We couldn’t have done this without you. To continue to support our filmmaking and impact campaigns, you can
donate directly to Living on One .