December 31, 2015

Two new classrooms in Peña Blanca!

There are officially two brand new classrooms in Peña Blanca, and its all thanks to you!!

There has been such incredible support. People from across the globe have come together to support the education and needs of not only Rosa, Anthony, and Chino but also their entire community.


The school is a critical part of creating opportunity in Peña Blanca and empowering the next generation to learn critical thinking and receive Spanish lessons. Everyday they also get access to clean water and nutritious snacks.


These might be small changes but they will make an important and lasting impact in Peña Blanca.


The opening ceremony for the classrooms was a beautiful and humbling experience. We wish you all could have been there.


We are beyond grateful to each of you, and to our incredible non-profit partner Mayan Families. They consulted with and hired people from around the community, and pushed this wonderful initiative forward. 

Thank YOU and happy new years 🙂 


Lots of Love,

Chris, Zach, Sean, Hannah & Ryan

To continue to support the needs of the community this holiday season, you can give here:

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