At Living on One, we’re building a more equitable world through film.

From living in a tent in a Syrian refugee camp to working as radish farmers and surviving on $1 a day in Guatemala, we’ve had the privilege of meeting incredible people from all walks of life, and to share those experiences with you through film. We’ve made short and feature documentaries, digital series, virtual reality films, curriculums, and an interactive web experience for Google. All of our work is designed to change lives.

Our journey getting here has been typically a-typical. Our first film Living on One Dollar, was mostly unexpected. What began as a fascinating research project about how a billion people survive on $1 a day, resulted, a couple difficult years later, in a film that was featured on the homepage banner of Netflix. The reaction has amazed us. Beyond informing and inspiring viewers, thanks to little donations from people like you, $850,000 has been given to education and microfinance work in the village in which we filmed!

As time went on, we kept coming back to one issue that was too big to avoid — Syria. To better understand the reality facing the millions of Syrian refugees, we embedded as the first filmmakers ever to be given a tent and registered inside a refugee camp. The resulting feature film is called Salam Neighbor. We think it’s intimate, raw, and solution-oriented, and set to challenge misconceptions around refugees. You can get involved here.

After doing hundreds of screenings and events with the film, including on Capitol Hill and at Homeland Security, we were lucky to get to collaborate with Google and the UN Refugee Agency to create Searching for Syria, an immersive online hub that answers the world’s top searched questions about Syria. The project was featured on the homepage of Google and reached over 5 million people in the first two weeks!

Moving forward, we will continue to apply our unique approach to stories that inspire us — creating films and campaigns that matter. And of course, we will update you on the families and stories we’ve already told, and the impact that your actions have made.

Join us on our newsletter and social if you want to be challenged, informed, and involved in pressing global issues. And if you’re interested, we would love to collaborate, share our films, speak at your events, or find other ways to tangibly move us towards a better world together!

About the Team

Zach Ingrasci Executive Director, Co-Founder

Despite being a chronic doodler, Zach never expected to be a filmmaker. From farming radishes on less than $1 a day in rural Guatemala to living in a tent in a Syrian refugee camp, he hopes to bring new perspective to some of the world’s most pressing issues. Zach and his co-founder Chris directed, produced and starred in Living on One Dollar and Salam NeighborFind Living on One Dollar on Netflix, and both films on Amazon, iTunes, and Vimeo on Demand.

He was recognized alongside Bill Gates and Angelina Jolie as a top 100 visionaries of 2015 by WPO/YPO’s Real Leaders Magazine and was awarded the 2016 Muslim Public Affairs Council Annual Media Award. Check his Instagram for daily doodles. Read more here.

Chris Temple Executive Director, Co-Founder

Chris is an award-winning humanitarian, activist and filmmaker. With his co-founder Zach, Chris produced, directed, and starred in the films, Living On One Dollar and Salam Neighbor, which embed him into some of the world’s most complex issues and environments. Find Living on One Dollar on Netflix, and both films on Amazon, iTunes, and Vimeo on Demand.

He has spoken at the United Nations, TEDx, and on CBS This Morning, and his work has been featured in The New York Times and Variety. He was recognized alongside Bill Gates and Angelina Jolie as one of the Top 100 Visionary Leaders of 2015 by WPO/YPO’s Real Leaders Magazine and was accepted by the U.S. State Department into the American Film Showcase. While he no longer has the accent, Chris is 100% British. Read more here.

Jenna Kelly Director of Marketing & Development

Jenna has a background in marketing and social impact campaign strategy. She joins Living On One as a recent transplant from Washington, D.C. where she worked for award-winning communications firm GMMB. While there, she helped craft outreach campaigns for progressive causes including health care access, women in science, and sustainable engineering while sharpening her skills in digital media, public relations and graphic design. Prior to that, she worked on the 2013 New Jersey governor’s race after graduating from American University.

Jenna is excited to have left behind the east coast humidity to be near a beach, but still doesn’t understand LA traffic or how a city can support so many cold-pressed juice shops.

Hannah Gregg Director, Colorist

As Co-Director of Living on One’s The Change Series and short film Rosa, Hannah brings a storytelling voice that connects with students and teachers alike.

Her recent projects include work as a professional colorist and development of a documentary and movement empowering young women to pursue their career ambitions.

Her favorite flowers are gladiolus. Just like her mother.

Sean Kusanagi Director, Editor / Co-founder

Director and editor, Sean Kusanagi is fascinated by the fleetingness of one’s memory and the power of film to capture, document and inspire.

Sean brings a powerful narrative and kinetic style to every film. He loves the balance between sound, visuals, and pacing that creates the harmony of an original story.

Sean has done films for Workhouse Creative, Spot Welders, Living on One, and Seattle music duo, Odesza.

Currently he lives in Seattle and enjoys bánh mì sandwiches.

Chelsea Bond Stuart Associate Editor

As an editor, director and cinematographer, Chelsea’s work as a documentary filmmaker is aligned with projects that tell true stories through a compassionate lens.

Career and personal highlights include a year-long solo trip through South America, and more than 20 days documenting a camel expedition in the Outback of Australia.
Born in Washington, D.C. and a graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism, Chelsea is currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

Ari Saperstein Producer, Digital Content

Ari is an artist from Washington DC. He has worked as a creative associate for myriad media companies and film festivals. As an editorial illustrator, Ari’s artwork has been featured in publications like AARP, Gothamist, DesignMilk and Longreads.

In 2015, Ari spoke at a TEDx conference about social-emotional learning and the importance of teaching empathy. An avid traveler, Ari has been to six continents – and dreams of making it seven by going to Antarctica before it melts away.

Jorge Molina Translations Coordinator

Jorge is a writer and filmmaker. He was born and raised in Mexico City, and is based in LA. He studied Writing for Screen & Television in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. He likes to tell stories about outsiders looking for a community, and his scripts have been awarded in world-renowned competitions, like the Austin Film Festival and the Juan Rulfo Short Story Competition.
He has worked extensively behind the scenes in organizations like GLAAD, Outfest Los Angeles, the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival, and the Guadalajara International Film Festival, and is excited to keep working towards creating entertainment that push representation forward.

Jorge can be found listening to ABBA Gold at any given moment.

Owen Dubeck Digital Video Editor

From interviewing forest fire survivors in the dense Sumatran jungle to collaborating with trash pollution activists in Bali, Owen has spent most of his young career filming in Indonesia. He has made it his mission to help others through film, while also seeing the world.

Owen is currently a senior at Claremont McKenna College. He can be found surfing along the California coastline or up in the mountains on the weekends.

Cassie Pintal Accountant

Cassie is a bookkeeper who has found her niche in the film industry. Passionate about the successes of a business’s inner workings, she finds joy in supporting extraordinary companies with her accounting finesse. Proud to collaborate on this team of change agents, she offers her services remotely from Boulder, Colorado. Cassie was raised in Australia, loves adventure, and dances as often as possible.