October 24, 2018

We’re Inspired by Tono’s Generosity

In areas with a high level of inequality, the poor are more generous than the rich according to multiple studies on giving. But why? One theory is that wealthier people feel less empathetic for the poor, especially as the income gap widens. Berkeley psychologist Dacher Keltner research on the subject found that less affluent individuals are more likely to report feeling compassion towards others on a regular basis. For example, they are more likely to agree with statements such as, “I often notice people who need help,” and “It’s important to take care of people who are vulnerable.”

Our friend Tono is incredibly compassionate, and he’s also always inspired us with his generosity. Although he has a steady income from his job in a local hotel, he still struggles to make ends meet for his family. But that’s never stopped him from pitching in to help others; he paid for a neighbor’s life-saving surgery, contributes to his church, and is helping a young girl attend school.

We believe the world needs more compassion. In fact, part of our mission in creating films about subjects like poverty and the refugee crisis is to show the human side of these issues and inspire our audience to take action. As Tono proves — you don’t have to be wealthy to make an impact. There are dozens of ways you can give back to your own community by volunteering, sharing unused resources, advocating for a cause, or making small donations.

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