September 16, 2016

Raouf Speaks After Jordan Screening

We got to show Salam Neighbor in Jordan for the first time! There was nothing better than seeing Raouf, microphone in hand, smiling and answering questions after the film!

While Raouf, Ismail, Um Ali and others helped shape the film through Whatsapp and through private viewings of it on our laptops, this was the first public screening in Jordan. It’s every filmmakers dream to not only share their film with the people who made it possible, but to then give them the opportunity to speak about it.


We still got to join and Skype in after the film.


Through interviews, Ismail and others could share their stories.


Everyone had an amazing lunch pre-screening.

New and exciting things have unfolded since the Jordan screening. Thanks to incredibly generous private donors, Ghassem and Ismail’s families will be relocated from Za’atari to Canada! Their applications are still in process but should be completed within the year.

For those of you who haven’t gotten to see it, Salam Neighbor is now available on Vimeo, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and on Netflix in 21 languages! Thanks so much.

Chris, Zach, Salam and Mohab